Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So here's the thing.

The federal government allots $5 billion a year to cancer research. FOUR PERCENT of that is for children. Their reasoning? Kids turn into adults, so it benefits them in the long run.

Childhood cancer is ugly. It’s unfair. There’s no one to blame for it. Most parents don’t want to even think about it, because the thought of dealing with cancer and their babies is just too much.

Childhood cancer will not go away if you ignore it. It will not go away if you don’t read my posts. Justin is not here anymore; not on earth anyway. This little boy, that I used to imagine growing up to be a mini-Justin Timberlake, is gone. He had the moves, the eyes, the curly blond hair… and now I can only imagine what he’d look like at 16. Even though it's been well over a year since he died, I still can't believe I have to tell you that he would have been the next JT, instead of showing you.

So I will keep running even though my hip is a little out of place, even though I’m covered in scabs from a nasty fall, even though I have chafing all over my chest from my bra, because I will not let the memory of Justin die. Not a mile goes by I don’t think of him, even if it’s just for a fleeting second. That’s why I ask for donations. Because if there’s any organization that’s going to get us closer to a cure, it’s Alex’s Lemonade Stand. They lost their little girl. They’ve lived the nightmare. They understand. Before Alex died, her lemonade stands raised over $1 million. That’s why we’re trying to collectively raise $1 million through the miles this month. To honor Alex, Justin, and all the other kids that won’t live long enough to be cured of any secondary cancers they might develop as a result of treatment.

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