Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Atlantic City Race Series Discount!

So the Million Mile Run is in full swing! I started on September 1 with a hot, humid, nasty sweaty 10 mile run where I was cursing the world the entire time. Dan and I were in Syracuse, and I’m really impressed he didn’t push me right into the Old Erie Canal. I would have. I specifically wanted to go back there because we had such a great 20 miler there last year. Well it turns out that when you don’t start until 10:30 AM you lose all your shade, and that Mac & Cheese Hot Dogs are not the best for carb loading (but it was SO GOOD).

I took two days off instead of one because my legs were super sore from the run. Here’s how my mileage was for the rest of last week: 
Also, I wanted to share this great deal I was just emailed:

Run on the historic Atlantic City Boardwalk featuring ocean and bay views, music all the way and a finish line party and beer garden, the Certified Boston Qualifier is one of the best small marathons in the country! In 2012 the Atlantic City Marathon Finisher Medals were voted top 25 in the Nation by Marathon and Beyond Magazine.

I’ll be doing the Half Marathon on Sunday, October 13. It’s my back up if I don’t hit my super secret time goal for the Ocean City Half Marathon on September 29. If you want to run with me, take advantage of that code – and maybe make your training miles count by signing up for the (free!) Million Mile Run as well. 

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