Monday, September 23, 2013

Double Your Money

This month has been a challenge. That’s the point though, right? We’re challenging ourselves to cover 100 miles in a month because we’re all collectively trying to cover one million miles during National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

One million miles is 40 times around the equator or two round-trips to the moon. But it’s only 76 miles for each kid or adolescent who will be diagnosed with cancer this year in the United States alone. Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children under the age of 15 in the United States. That’s why it is vital that we raise money to cure it, now.


So far this month I’ve managed to walk and run 68.55 miles. I am completely confident in hitting my 100 mile goal by the end of the month, even though I did eat the pavement yesterday and had to cut my run short. It's beautiful outside, and I plan on walking as much as possible on my lunch breaks, and running in the evenings.

So here’s my challenge to you – help me hit my goal of $1,000. The first four donations I receive from here on out, I will match (up to $50). If you donate $50 or more, I will write your name on the back of my Team Lemon shirt that I’ll be wearing at the Ocean City Half Marathon on Sunday, September 29.  See how your donation helps, and considerdonating in honor of Justin today. If you act fast, your donation will be worth twice as much!

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