Monday, August 6, 2012

Gearing Up

I got my runs in this week. They were all on the treadmill and would have been super boring if not for the Olympics. I’m too obsessed with the Olympics to waste an hour running outside and missing some event that I’ll never watch again, like water polo. Spoken like a true faux athlete.

Let’s talk about gear instead! I acquired a lot of it this week. First up: new shoes!

I tried really hard to like my Mizunos. I went and got fitted, and I wanted us to be BBFs and run together forever (or until I hit too many miles). However, those little jerks loved to rub me the wrong way. I got fancy socks, fancy band-aids, and it didn’t matter. After getting blistered in the arch of my foot, I decided enough was enough. I Googled “shoes for fat runners,” did a whole lot more research, and then found these babies on sale at Nordstrom. Oh, they were so pretty, and Asics treated me so well when training for the Disney Princess Half. I harassed everyone on GChat that was available, and I think they told me to get the shoes so I’d stop whining. Considering I could barely walk, I agreed, and instead of watching the Olympics and getting my 3 mile run in, I went to the Cherry Hill Mall to surrender my wallet. I got my beautiful new shoes, along with my official “marathon” capris that are not only flattering but also on supersale:

I also headed to the Disney Store and got my Minnie ears for the Disneyland Half Marathon:

I hobbled back to the car, exhausted but satisfied. I swore I’d test out the new shoes for my 3 mile run Friday. Instead I went to Wal-Mart and spent a couple hours selling my soul in the name of a cheap DIY Minnie costume. Soul sucked dry, I came home and fell asleep on the couch. For hours. How productive of me.

Saturday I had 7 miles to do. By the time I got outside, it was approximately a million degrees and lasted 1.2 miles before resigning myself to the treadmill, yet again. I started from scratch and got done the 7 miles in 1:21:50. I realized during the run I’d officially cross over 100 miles complete since starting on 6/25:
Sunday I got up earlyish to watch the end of the women’s marathon, then watched some of the men’s singles gold match before heading to the gym and biking for the final 45 minutes of it. Since my legs were feeling sore, I decided to try out my super cool looking PRO Compression socks:

I have to say, my legs felt a lot better with them on than not! They didn’t provide any cushioning though, so I think they will have to be for recovery more than during a run. I came back and checked the mail finally (oops) and saw my Team Lemon shirt arrived!

I guess that means I really have to run this thing, doesn’t it?

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  1. Love to read your blogs..........and glad that you have stopped whining! Have you figured out how to attach the polka dots to your red Minnie Mouse skirt? xoxoxoxoxo